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March 13, 2020
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A Look at Some Great Dog Beds For the Car

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Like most pet owners, you'll probably want to take your dog with you for day trips or overnight stays. If you travel a lot with your pet, you're going to want a dog bed that's comfortable and durable enough to last for awhile. Dogs need a place of comfort because it can be hard on a dog to travel just like it can for a human - especially long distances. If you have a small dog, the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is a bed that's a perfect fit for traveling. It comes with a connection strap that allows you to secure the bed with the seatbelt. This is important because you want your dog to be safe as you travel. The interior is made of lamb wool and the bed comes in a variety of colors. The cover is removable and safe for washing as well as for drying machines. It's safe for dogs that weigh up to twenty-five pounds and the interior is large enough for the dog to sit or lie down in. Dogs that weigh more than twenty-five pounds need a larger bed than this one. For larger dogs, the Kurgo Wander Bed, Traveling Dog Bed is great. Because of its size, it can be used for both large and small dogs. It's recommended for dogs that are less than forty pounds. Because it can be rolled up like a sleeping bag, it's easy to keep stored when it's not in use. It comes with a hidden pocket where you can keep dog toys stashed. The bottom is waterproof and non-slip, so your pet won't be sliding around in the car during the trip. The top is recycled fleece to give your dog some extra comfort on the ride.Another good bed for both large and small dogs is the Pet Dreams Classic Sleep-eez Dog Bed Reversible Pet Bed. This bed is made of cotton on one side and Sherpa on the other. It's perfect for everyday use as well as in the car and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The bed itself is washable, so you don't have to remove any covers or liners.If your dog needs a hypoallergenic bed, the Dog Gone Smart Rectangle Bed with Repelz has what you're looking for. On longer trips, your dog is going to want to stretch out - and this bed allows him to do that. This bed comes with a NanoSphere textile finish that repels coat oil, liquid and dirt. It also holds large dogs that weigh up to one hundred pounds. The fiber fill returns to its original shape once the dog steps off, of it so your pet will always be able to come back to a comfortable bed.For dogs that need a little bit of extra space, there's the K&H Travel SUV Pet Bed. This bed fits in the trunk of many SUVs and minivans. It has a water resistant bolster that gives extra comfort to your dog. It has a non-slick bottom so the bed remains where you place it. It comes in two different sizes and you can purchase it in either tan or gray.


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