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April 14, 2020
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A Review of Mace Triple Action

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Buying a self defense spray is an excellent decision and a great step toward protecting yourself or those you care about. Yet, choosing a spray can be a challenge. For some reason you are probably considering purchasing Mace Triple Action Spray as the choice for your self defense needs but you are probably trying to see how it adds up to other sprays out there. Below, we will discuss some of the high and low points of owning this product.

What is Mace Triple Action Spray?

This spray is a combination of tear gas and Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper spray. The pepper spray component is an inflammatory which causes the eyes to swell shut, an intense burning sensation to the face, the nose to run and the attacker to choke uncontrollably. Because of the tear gas element, an assailant will immediately experience watery eyes and disorientation. It also contains a UV dye which invisibly marks the assailant for easy identification by law enforcement.

Pros of Mace Triple Action Spray

Mace Sprays have an excellent reputation and Triple Action Spray is no different. The combination of the OC pepper spray and the tear gas makes it an extremely effective self defense spray for personal use. The spray comes in multiple sizes, and has a relatively large range of approximately 8 - 12 feet. Its appeal is enhanced by its saftey and many other features. This spray has a safety cap and some come with a keychain attachment, velcro attachment, and some with holsters. This is very helpful when you consider quick access as well as easy storing.

Cons of Mace Triple Action Spray

In all fairness to this product, there are really very few cons with this product. Still, in reviewing its features, you may want to consider several things. While Mace Triple Action spray is one of the best products mace delivers upon, its concentration is weaker than some other pure pepper spray products. This is not an item designed to be used on animals, and should not be used for that purpose. Though some claim these work them, many brands create and sell proven sprays made to protect users against dangerous animal attacks. Mace triple action spray is not the thing to use for protection against bears, dogs, and other potentially dangerous animals. Purchasing a spray made specifically for animal threats would be most effective in such instances. That being said, this product works quite well on its intended target, people. This spray is also not legal in Michigan, so if you are looking for a spray in the Michigan area, check local and online retailers for Michigan approved sprays.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a solid self defense spray that you can use for self defense or in a security situation, this spray is definitely worth investing in. It has all the components a very effective self defense weapon and comes in a wide variety of sizes. Rest assured, you will be protected with this product in your posession.


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