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August 19, 2020
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Airsoft Guns and Pest Control

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There are many different uses for airsoft guns in the world today. While many are content to just host airsoft gun wars at a local park or a friend's backyard, others are looking for uses for airsoft guns in everyday life. If you ask people why they started purchasing airsoft guns, you're sure to find many different answers. Of course you'll find the answer that there was a particular style of gun that that person just had to buy. Others are looking to simply add to their collection, some use their airsoft guns for training or target practice. But some answers may surprise you. Many people who purchase airsoft guns are looking for a practical method of pest control in their houses. Here's the story.

Pest Control and Airsoft Guns?

While it is a controversial subject, of course, many people use their airsoft guns to help aid in pest control around their houses. Have a raccoon that goes through your trash cans every night, making a mess? How about a dog that wanders into your yard while your children are playing, and you don't know if that dog is safe or not? Squirrels trying to chew their way into your roof or house? The answer for many people is simple, try and dissuade them from coming in with a low powered airsoft gun.

Purchasing the Right Airsoft Gun

Spring airsoft guns should be the only way to go in this instance. It's more humane than setting up traps, which can cause serious injury to an animal. Choose a low powered spring airsoft pistol so that if you accidentally hit the animal, it won't hurt them. Electric and gas powered airsoft guns shoot the pellets at a higher velocity and can hurt the animal if you're not careful. So stick with a lower powered airsoft gun to get your point across.

Using your Airsoft Gun in Pest Control

If you see the raccoons climbing into your trash can, take the airsoft gun and shoot the trash can a couple of times to scare the animal away, not to hit and hurt the animal. The point is to try and train the animal that coming into your yard or going through your trash cans isn't okay. It's the same with bird cannons, trying to train the birds not to come and stay in a particular area. They don't aim to hit and hurt the birds, but instead to scare them away. You can see how airsoft guns can be a great tool for controlling the different pests in and around your house without having to hurt the animal.

There are different kinds of airsoft guns which shoot pellets at a very high velocity, but you really don't need something so strong when dealing with animals. Plus, if the animal is hit with a spring airsoft gun, it will only sting a little, to try and teach the animal not to continue in that particular action.
There are many different uses for airsoft guns besides the typical one that so many people are used to using. With a little bit of imagination, you can find other uses for airsoft guns.


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