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July 18, 2020
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Appreciating Cooling Apparel

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Preparing for the heat of summer is important for health and welfare. Cooling apparel can play a major part in this pursuit of preparing for summer. Cooling clothing is easy to use, and re-use. You do not have to buy more than one of each kind because they can be used and re-used easily and in little time.

You will want to use different kinds of cooling clothing, depending on what plans you have to fill your summertime with fun and comfort, even in alarmingly hot weather. If you are planning to run, you may want an evaporative cooling vest to wear before the run begins. During the run you may want to use cooling arm or leg bands to give you the feeling of cooling while being active. You may want to add a cooling hat to cool your head, and keep the sun out of your eyes.

Following are descriptions of some of the types of cooling apparel and how to use them:

Evaporative Cooling Apparel is made of fabric that contains crystals. You can soak the apparel in water until the crystals soak up the water. You can control how heavy they are by how much water you allow them to soak up. If you soak it too long and it is too heavy, just gently squeeze out the excess water until it is the weight that is comfortable for you. This type of cooling clothing many times is a vest. You should wear a tee shirt under the vest so it is not on your bare skin. As the water evaporates, the skin is cooled. The cooling apparel can be used many times. When you are done wearing it be sure to hang it up to dry thoroughly. If it becomes soiled the best way to wash it is to use a gentle soap and a brush. Evaporative cooling apparel also is available in hats, wristbands, armbands and headbands. Dog vests are available also.

Phase Change Cooling Apparel is made of material with inserts that will solidify when put into a freezer or ice water or refrigerator. The inserts do not get to the freezing point, it is safe to put against bare skin and are a good choice for children or people who have numbness in their skin and cannot feel the coldness of a product. You may want to purchase an extra set of inserts so they can be cooling for use when the ones you are using lose their cool. This cooling apparel's cooling ability usually lasts for up to three hours. The cooling it produces is very even, comfortable temperature. To wash the inserts, wipe them off with a cloth. The inserts are very durable, but you do not want to use anything sharp or rough to clean them. Follow the normal washing instructions for the clothing after you have removed the inserts.

Cold Pack Cooling Apparel is similar to Phase Change Cooling Apparel, however they actually use ice packs to cool the body. This cooling product is especially useful if there is a high amount of humidity or if the temperature is extremely high. Keep in mind that this cooling product will achieve freezing temperatures. This kind of cooling clothing achieves the highest amount of cooling and would be a good choice in many instances.

These cooling apparel products are useful to combat the summer heat. Having cooling apparel can mean the difference between missing out on the activities that you love in the heat of summer, or fully enjoying them. You will be free to have fun all summer long.


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