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September 15, 2020
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Bad Dog Food: The Rise of Cancer in Dogs

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They say that dogs are a man's best friend.

It's true, isn't it? There is nothing better than waking up to slobbery kisses first thing in the morning, or getting jumped in the excitement of you coming home to your dog. Dogs absolutely love their owners and the owner's love their dogs and whenever a dog has a serious medical issue is almost the same as having a family member or relative having a serious medical issue. Some medical issues in dogs are extremely similar to the ones people have, and one that is on the rise is cancer.

Bad Dog food not bad dog

Cancer is more prevalent in dogs these days than ever. Believe it or not, the current rate of cancer in dogs is much higher than it is in humans. It's commonly known that part of the problem is when the majority of dog owners switched to kibble as opposed to natural food.

There are several factors that can go into why dogs are getting cancer. The least controllable one is genetics. If the parents of the dog or any dog in the family line have had cancer that means the dog is more susceptible to getting it, just like in humans. The environment can affect this as well, if dogs are around a lot of smoke or pollution.

You are what you eat - even if you are a dog

Then of course, their nutrition and diet is a huge part of keeping a dog healthy in general. This is the one we have the most control over. It's important, just like us, to have healthy eating habits. Yes, it's easier to just scoop a cup of kibble or dry dog food into their bowl and let them eat, but it's not always the best thing.

Consulting with a nutritionist that specifically deals with animals is the best way to see what kind of nutritional options that is out there. There are even herbal and vitamin supplements that can help give your pet the nutrition they need. It's understandable that feeding a dog steak every night is out of the question, no matter how much the dog would love it.

Of course not all dry food is the same for your dog but if you don't do your research you could really be harming your dog. Just like keeping your body healthy, keeping your dog healthy is a great way to keep them happy, and in turn having them around longer will make you happy as well. Exercise everyday, along with proper feeding habits is a great way to battle a potential thread of the ever-increasing cancer in dogs.


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