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October 24, 2020
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Bed Bug Mattress Protectors

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Bed bugs are incredibly common in many parts of the world, even in first world countries such as the United States and Germany. They are the result of dirty mattresses in need of washing, as the they make their home in the stuffing inside the mattresses. In order to avoid problems with them, you will find that using bed bug mattress protectors will be the best way to keep your home bed bug-free.

There are many types of protector covers that you can choose, such as those made from plastic, wool, or cotton. Bed bug mattress protectors are usually made of a type of plastic that is soft to the touch but resistant to bed bugs. The reason that these protectors are so effective is that the plastic stops them from burrowing into the mattresses and laying their eggs inside their new home. Using bed bug protectors, or a protector of any sort, can be the best way to keep your family safe wherever they are.

Using a bed protector at home is important, especially if you have pets that run around outside. They are incredibly contagious, and you will find that they will ride on any carrier they can. Dogs, cats, humans, and even certain birds can carry bed bugs from one apartment or house to another, and they will quickly make themselves at home. However, with a protector, you will be able to stop them from being able to live inside your mattress.
When to use bed bug mattress protectors:

*Sending your kids off to college with a bed bug protector will ensure that they will always be protected. College dorms are a haven for beg bugs, as there are hundreds of mattresses they can inhabit. Keep your children's mattresses safe by using a this kind of protector.

*Using a bed bug mattress protector on your pet's bed can not only stop them from taking over its home, but can stop fleas and ticks from making the pet's mattress a home as well.

*Traveling around the country and staying in hotels can be fun, but you may find that some of the motels and hotels are home to a wide variety of bed bugs. Rather than risking an infestation of your home by the ones you bring back from your trip, use a bed protector to ensure that your home stays bed bug-free.

*Keep your clothing and personal items wrapped in plastic airtight bags, as that will prevent the bed bugs from living in your clothing as you travel.

Using a bed protector to avoid them is important, but you should also have a few pesticides to deal specifically with them. Being prepared is important, and you will find the having both mattress protectors and sprays will be the best way to keep your home as bed bug-free as possible.


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